Was founded 1950 by Otto Wenger. He began with a fat splitting plant, with a 10 ton.daily production of fatty acids and glicerine. It was the first plant of this industry in Paraguay and the third one in Southamerica in this time.

This project broked 1957, because Argentina and Brasil put some protection laws on those products. MERCOSUR was only a dream.

Actually the equipment is to old to use for a modern industry, and we let in this moment the construction like a monument to show real pioneer work.

Today DUX is producing ALKYD RESINS from Soyaoil and Sunfloweroil. We are using 60 to 70% raw material from Paraguay. Estimate Montlhy Produccion: 80 tons.

Also we are producers from PVA-EMULSIONS. Montlhy Produccion: 100 tons.

Our product line are conventional paints, industrial paints and adhesives.

We are placed in Asuncion on a big yard, 25.000m2 and covered 5.000m2 by warehouses, depots and offices.

We are looking for an JV partner(industrial and/or finantial) who is interested to build up an export line of some products into the big MERCOSUR-market with more than 200 million heads.We are looking to make more effectiviness some processes and also to make more presentable the product for the export into the MERCOSUR.